Parents / Guardians

We hope that the following information will assist you. Please feel free to contact us by phone at any time with any questions or concerns you may have.

Phoenix House For Youth Inc.
613-835-2502 (phone)
613-835-2013 (fax)

Your Involvement

We greatly encourage the involvement of parents and guardians in our work with each young person. Your knowledge and personal experiences with the youth can prove to be vital in our efforts.

In encouraging your son’s efforts towards lifestyle change, a case management-reintegration plan will be established within 30 days of admission. Your role in this process is an important one. You will help to motivate your son/significant other as he works towards successful reintegration into the community. These formal meetings will take place every 30 days and we request that you take part in this process.

Your son/significant other will be assigned an internal case management team which will include a primary worker, a secondary worker and a case coordinator. Your son will also have the support and assistance of a case manager (a youth justice probation officer) who will also assist in this important process.


We encourage you to visit.  Normal visiting days and times for family are as follows:

Fridays:  7-9 pm      Saturdays: 1-4 pm and 7-9 pm    Sundays: 1-4 pm and 7-9 pm

Should your normal work schedule conflict with these available days and times, we are certainly prepared to consider alternative visiting days and times. If you are visiting from outside of the Ottawa area we will also make exceptions for these circumstances. You will need to contact us 24 hours in advance to schedule a visit.

Maximum number of family members per visit is four (4).

Two (2) adults & two (2) children or three (3) adults and one (1) child.

You will need identification and will be required to sign in and out upon arrival and departure.

Should you want to provide your son with any money or personal property (clothing items), please provide these to staff upon arrival so that they can be appropriately secured in his Resident Trust Fund and written onto his personal property list.

If  for some reason the visit does not go well and is shorter than anticipated, we ask that you meet with a staff member to let us know what the stressors are so that we can work with the young person on appropriate problem solving and coping techniques.

Telephone Calls

A young person at Phoenix has a right to have contact with his family/guardian unless otherwise stated for lawful or child protection reasons.

As a significant individual in the young person’s life, you will be contacted initially by staff to determine your desire to have contact with the young person and to discuss what days and times are best for you to be contacted. If there are specific times you do not want contact because of work or other responsibilities please outline these with staff.

A young person may contact his family, parents and/or guardians:

Monday to Friday from 3-3:30pm, 4:30-5pm, 8:30-10pm

and on

Weekends (Saturday & Sunday) from 11:30 am -1pm, 4-5pm and 7-10pm

Food & Nutrition

Your son/significant other receives three (3) nutritional and balanced full course meals daily along with three (3) snacks throughout the day. All of our existing meals are consistent with the nutritional standards that are established by the Canadian Food Guide.

Our policy does allow for special menus for residents with food allergies, medical conditions, religious lifestyle requirements and personal life choices.

We ask that you keep the types of foods that you bring to your son/significant other when visiting simple.

Bringing in a snack item or treat is permitted but must be kept to a minimum, since we need to label and store these items for each resident.

Treats are defined as snack foods such as chips, pop, chocolate bars, or such healthy snacks as fruit, yogurt, fruit cups, natural bars or granola bars. When visiting we ask that you bring a maximum of 3 items. If you visit more than 1 time per week, you may bring such snack items in on one of the planned visits of that week.

Groceries that require storage, freezing or cooking are not considered snack items.

Specialized culturally specific foods will be welcomed at any time and encouraged during special religious celebrations.

We also encourage you to share your culturally specific recipes with us so that we can incorporate this into our plan. It’s a great opportunity for others to experience cultural diversity.