Heather Jones RP, Board Chair

My connection to Phoenix House for Youth began in March 2008, but my work with youth began in residential support in roughly 1999.  After returning from the west coast in late 2007, I joined the Phoenix team as a part-time youth worker.  After a few months I became a full-time youth worker, and spent approximately 4 years in that role.  During that time, I was a primary worker for many youths.

In August 2012 my journey with the Phoenix team had come to an end, but my work with youth did not; it simply took another direction.  From 2012 through 2018 I worked as a school-based addiction counsellor for Rideauwood Addiction and Family Services.  While working at Rideauwood I completed enough training and counselling hours to become a Registered Psychotherapist.

In January 2018 I joined the Ontario Addiction Treatment Center and am currently working as the clinic psychotherapist at all 3 Ottawa clinic locations.