About Phoenix House

Phoenix opened its doors in 1989 after five years of planning. Individuals in the planning group were from eleven different religious denominations and three police forces from the regional municipality of Ottawa-Carleton.  

According to founding members, the prophetic name ‘Phoenix’ was chosen in huge part, as in the efforts to find a location for the group home the Phoenix concept would repeatedly die to rise again from the ashes of failure. But more as visioning a new beginning for the youth who would be a part of the program, a rising from the ashes.

Who we are

Phoenix House for Youth Inc. is a non-profit organization run by an elected Board of Directors and fully funded by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services to provide a residential program for males 12 to 17 years of age serving Open Custody and Detention sentences from youth courts.  

The goal of the program is to assist male young persons in the process of lifestyle change so that they learn new skills, behaviours and attitudes which will increase the likelihood that they will become positively and productively involved in the community upon release from the Phoenix residential program. All Phoenix delivered programs will be non-discriminatory, and in an environment that reflects the ethno-cultural, racial, linguistic and ancestral diversity of every resident.  In addition to helping the young males learn effective and appropriate methods of coping with personal problems so that they may avoid future involvement with the justice system, the program seeks to instill in each young male a sense of personal competence and self-worth. Further to the above-stated primary goal, the program offers opportunities for volunteers to provide realistic and effective outreach services to the young males in custody/detention.

Phoenix House for Youth Inc. provides a variety of services to the young males serving Open Custody/Detention in the residence. In the category of mandatory or core programs, residents participate in continuing education which is provided on site and is facilitated through an agreement under section 23 of Ontario’s Education Act. The Ottawa Catholic School Board Board provides the education for the Phoenix program.

Other core programs include individual and group counselling, and education in the areas of substance abuse, nutrition, lifestyle and health-related topics, life skills and social skills development. In addition to these programs, each resident participates in recreational programming, employment counselling, discharge planning, and has access to religious services and spiritual care.

Mission statement

To improve the lives of all youth that come into our custody/detention by creating life changing opportunities through the provision and delivery  of the following programs and services both onsite and in community:

  • Life skills
  • Education programs
  • Reintegration and community support programs, including outreach and aftercare
  • Alcohol and drug treatment counseling and services
  • Physical fitness and recreation programs